Question for anyone using the Slashdev LCD library

Hello folks, I have a question for anyone who has some C experience and/or is using the Slashdev LCD library at

The lcd.print( ); command in the library takes a character or string as an argument and prints it to the LCD. This works fine for me when printing text directly or from something like char message[] = "Hello World!"; but in my application I am trying to print a member of an array contained inside a structure, such as mystructure.element[0]. If I try to do lcd.print(mystructure.element[0]); I don't get the character or number stored in that array printed to the LCD, but it looks like I'm getting whatever character is stored in the LCD's lookup table at the equivalent binary address, which might be say a %, or random Japanese characters - interesting, but not exactly what I want! Does anyone have any ideas on this or a possible workaround? :-?

Update: I've been in touch with the creator of the LCD library I'm using, and found out that the library originally only supported printing strings. However, he was kind enough to do some modifications to the library so it now supports printing integers contained in variables, structures, etc.

I find this library more flexible than the one that comes with the Arduino environment because you can change pin numbers inside your sketch instead of going into the header file, you can both lines in 2 line displays, and has functions to support creating and using custom LCD characters just by creating a bitmap and putting it in an array. And of course it now supports printing numeric variables ;D

it's available at: