[Question] How can i read an ASCII file with arduino ?


I am working on a project where I have to exploit data imported by a EEG, I imported them under two format: EDF, and ASCII.

I want to read them in a program on arduino to be able to create a command, for example when I fall on a high value data, a led is going to light up, but I now, I do not find the way to read the data on arduino, I can open them with MATLAB, but can only see the numerical values, I do not know if it can help me to handle them by microcontroller.

I would like to know if you know an instruction (or continuation of instructions) capable of reading a file of datum of ASCII type or EDF, on ARDUINO or any other medium to be able to use them with a microcontroller

Arduino can read files in any format,

  • from a storage device attached, like a SD card + reader.
  • via serial /usb/ ethernet from a computer, by having a program that reads the file and sends it to the arduino program
  • wirelessly (bluetooth and wifi are two common options) again with specialised wireless modules on the arduino side and some programs to forward the files from the PC/laptop or whatever.

In your foggy application description, I think it would be simpler to have the computer program identify particular data and just notify the arduino to light a led, move a motor, beep a speaker, or read input signals/data from arduino attached sensors.
It has limited data (files) processing capabilities, but can be a handy way to interface a PC/laptop with specialised equipment.

But if you don't want to involve another computer in interpreting EEG data, the right question to ask is not how to get data from the computer to arduino, but how the EEG data arrives from EEG to computer.

Hello Blimpyway,

Thanks for the support, and I apologize for my bad English,

in my application I'm trying to interface a brain with a motor, I have done some tests with an EEG with a patient and I have got the signal I wanted with a significant change in amplitude, and i have exported those data to my computer in ascii file, they looks like signed numeric values, and i would like to read those data with a program and when it found a high value it will start a motor, but this part is ok, i just need the instruction to read those data from my computer to arduino and test it with a program

You need to answer blimpyway's question. Your poor English is just an excuse for not knowing how to interact with other people on the forum. Ask questions with complete information and read the replies and respond to them!