Question on 5V, 3.3V and grounds for a Mega and 2 Hero boards.

I am an Electrical Engineer but haven't done much with it. I run a corporate data center and my mentor said to be called an engineer, I needed a degree in EE and Computer Engineering.

I am taking a different take on the 30 Days in Space project. You can open the Fritzling design of my space craft:
[Picture of my space craft

]( will be posting real pictures on my web site.
Left side is front of the space craft. I have a Mega 2560 and two Hero Uno devices in an I2C bus. The page below has the diagram. Wiring color information and Master and Slave coding.
Rebuilding the Space Craft

I haven't really done much electronics since the 1990s. I have been working in and on data centers. So I am relearning everything. Each of the Arduino devices will have a 9V-1A power supply. Each has its own USB cable. I started with doing the wire diagram for the grounding. All three devices are on the same ground path. I made sure no ground loops will be present. Every ground bar will be tied together.

I will be configuring the same for 5V and 3.3V. I will use one side of each bread board for 5V and other for 3.3V. I figure the 9V - 1A power supplies will provide enough for both side. I will keep them isolated from each other. I read it can cause issues. Anything I should be considering as I lay out the power connections other than isolating them from each other. I have more room for extra bread boards in the future. I am taking my time wiring it because I want to leave the wiring in tact for future projects.

Since you are an Electrical Engineer why not post a schematic instead of the frizzy thing. What are you asking???



I didn't think it showed enough detail.

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