Question on how to mount solenoids in place.


About solenoids--

Is it possible to mount a solenoid using a magnetic tool bar? Knowing that a solenoid is an electromagnet, would it interrupt the solenoid's actuation?

I imagine it all depends on the strength of the magnet, if it's strong enough to penetrate into the solenoid's core or not. The easiest way to find out is to do a quick test, though!

Does anyone have a solenoid on hand they can try to stick to a magnet (or vice versa)? Please try it out and let me know what happens!


Knowing that a solenoid is an electromagnet, would it interrupt the solenoid's actuation?

It would probably still function OK but you'd have to try it with your particular solenoid and your particular magnet.

But... Unless there is something else to keep the solenoid from sliding around on the magnet, it will probably move when operated. There's quite a bit of mechanical shock when a solenoid operates and they are usually bolted in place.

Hmm, that’s something to keep in mind. The solenoid i’m planning on getting is a very small 11mm wide model, but I suppose with enough impulses it may drift position eventually, even if it appears stable when mounted.

I haven’t ordered the parts yet, so I’d love to hear from anyone with first hand knowledge of this technique!

Oh, I'm also interested in other methods of mounting solenoids. I'm trying to mount them to a piece of wood, and I can't really use the m2 holes on the back.

Using a pre-made plate with large mount holes for wood screws is probably not workable since many of them are close together or in odd spots. I'd prefer not to use epoxy..

I suppose i could mount them in just the right spots on the magnet bar and then secure em all down with a big piece of duct tape.. Really, in that case I may just as well tape them and forget the magnet.

My other option, I imagine, would be fabricating a custom mount with all the solenoids in the right spots.

Any other advice as far as mounting options?

If you used something in the 1/4th to 1/2 inch thick range to mount them to (plywood or masonite - thinner if you use a piece of steel or something), why couldn't you drill small holes in it, and put an appropriate screw completely through the wood, using the mounting holes on the solonoid?

Magnetic strip is not a good idea.I would think that the kick of the solenoid would make them move. Not always the same kick on engage and disengage. What about carriage bolts from behind or molly bolts. Cable clamps come in many sizes also. There are many alternatives to mounting things.