Question on the Uno

I have been lurking, reading, and googling my eyes out for a little over a week now. I am planning on buying a arduino however in seeing the couple different variants out there was looking into (and attempting to learn) how to build my own board. I see there is a single side serial arduino however I saw a post where someone mentioned to build a Riduino as it was, I believe, a two layer board. Now I can not find anywhere how many layers the Uno has.

I am already getting a parts list together, building a work bench, have a digital soldering iron, I am planning on building a UV exposure box as that seems to be one of the best/easiest was to begin creating PCBs, blah, blah, blah.

I would prefer a Usb board versus serial that I could build here at home. Any suggestions? Thanks for any input, advice, nudge, or kick in the right direction.

I highly recommend getting an official Arduino board for your first Arduino. It gives you a known good piece of hardware to go back to if you are having issues with your homebrew boards.

BTW, I believe the Uno has two layers and numerous vias, not a great first home built pcb project.

If you want to build one anyway and are able to source the necessary components (the DIL version of the ATmega328 with the Arduino Bootloader can be a pain to get), consider the Boarduino or some similar version. For the UNO there isn't a kit out there at the moment, but you can download the Eagle files here. It's a two-sided design going by the pictures with a few components only available as SMD.


If you want to evaluate what Arduino can do for you, don't build one. Buy an arduino Duemilanove. They're on sale since the release of the new board arduino Uno. Around $25, no need to solder anything.