question on using this encoder Encoder MR Type ML, 128–1000 CPT, 3 Channels, wit

Hey all

I am working on this project to read the data from encoder connected to a Maxon motor. The type of encoder is Encoder MR Type ML, 128–1000 CPT, 3 Channels, with Line Driver from Maxon (See attachment). I read quite a few threads on using encoder. Some say you can just directly wire this encoder to an Arduino. I try to wire this encoder directly to Arduino Duo directly. The reading is, however, not right. It keeps adding up even when I dont rotate the shaft of motor. The manual of this encode suggested to use a line receiver IC such as MC3486. Do anyone know if I have to use this kind of line receiver or not? Does motor control board have any IC like that? Thanks a lot.


Encoder_Maxon.pdf (740 KB)

Does anybody have any suggestion? Thanks.