Question Re: Ethernet Shield v1 and PoE

My apologies if this is the wrong subforum for this question, but figured it might be the best since it deals with power.

I'm working on a project for work and we're thinking about using PoE to power the Arduino board and sensors I'll have tied to it. I have some old v1 Ethernet shields I picked up several years ago on a RadioShack clearance I was planning on using for development (final product will likely be an Uno clone with ethernet/PoE integrated), but they don't come equipped with PoE capability.

I found the PoE module online, and was wondering if it was as simple as soldering it to the ethernet shield, or if there is any kind of jumpering/circuit re-routing involved to make it work. The PoE module is the AG9612-2BR, which my research indicates is the one that the Arduino PoE-capable shields came with installed. Thanks for any help you can provide!


  • Justin