Question regarding Arduino IoT plan

Hello guys, I just have some questions regarding the plan I should choose for my IoT project. I'm kinda confused what is the difference between the Free Plan and Maker Plan. For example, what is the difference between 2 things and 25 things? What is meant by the storage for sketches? What is meant by 200s/day compilation time in the free plan, and how is it different from the unlimited compilation time in Maker Plan. What is Lorawan connectivity and how can it affect my project, is it available in both free and maker plans because I saw a star mark at the Lorawan connectivity at the free plan. That's all the doubts I have, appreciate it much if you have read through all my questions. Hopefully, you can also help me to differentiate between these two plans.

"things" are what you build in Arduino IoT... they consist of a device (e.g. an Internet connected Arduino device), a bunch of IoT variables, and web based dashboards that can interact with those variables (that you can access from your IoS/Ardroid phone). This would probably be the main reason to upgrade the plan in my view. I think there are also limits on how many variables you can control, based on plan also.

When using Arduino IoT you don't work locally on your PC. It is a web based application... everything is it the cloud, including your sketches. Depending on the plan, you have more storage for sketches as this is using someone else storage.

Similarly when you compile your Arduino sketches, you are doing so in the Cloud... so compilation time is limited as this uses someone's server resource.

Not sure about the LoRa thing.

I suggest you create a free account and have a play around. It's pretty easy to get started and then you'll get a feel for what plan is best for you.

The LoRaWan connectivity refers to the possibility to find an active gateway nearby or connect a new one to The Things Stack to enable the communication between your LoRaWAN devices (e.g. Arduino Wan MKR 1310) and IoT Cloud.

Thank you for the explanation. Will try to explore this platform starting from a free plan and get my foot wet. :star_struck: :star_struck:

Thank you for the explanation. Hopefully can explore a lot more beneficial features from this platform. Planning to use it for my Final Year Project. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: