question regarding multiple lcds connected to nano


Right now I have one sparkfun serlcd connected to an arduino nano using a digital pin and the 5v / ground pins. I want to connect a couple more lcds and another peripheral however since there is only one 5v output pin, do I just spit some jumpers and run them all off that pin?

I'm new to arduino (loving it so far!), I first tried using a separate 5v power supply but the lcd wasn't working at all, I'm assuming it needed a common ground with the digital pin hence the reason it works 100% when using the boards power / ground.

My only concern is if the board supplies enough amps to power a lot of stuff off those two pins.

Anyone know if this would be ok?

Did you connect all grounds together to have common ground between all you power sources?


Oh geez...

Right now the nano is powered off USB but it will be eventually connected to a different power supply, so it should work powering everything off that supply instead of splitting the 5v out pin on the nano.

Thanks for pointing that out!

If your LCD have the backlight powered then they draw quite a bit of power and without an external 5V regulated supply (not using the arduino's regulator) then I'd say you could have one powered off USB perhaps two or three if powered using a DC supply through the arduino's regulator. Check the power consumption of the displays though.