Question regarding Sensiron SHT Library

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the sensiron playground page. Specifically, it mentions that a conversion for temperature and humidity can take 400ms at full resolution but that at lower resolutions, the conversion rate is faster, i.e. 100ms for temperature and humidity. That in turn drives a suggested rest period between readings to ensure that the on-board heater does not start to influence the temperature readings (a 10% duty cycle is suggested).

What has me confused is the that temperature and humidity conversion times in the SHT21 datasheet are significantly faster than what is suggested in the playground page. I see no mention of conversion time in the SHT1X datasheet, while the SHT21 datasheet lists a table on p. 9 which suggests a maximum conversion time of 114ms, all in.

With a typical conversion time of less than 100ms for temperature and humidity, the SHT21 should be able to be polled once a second without any issues re: the sensor, if I am reading the datasheet correctly. But perhaps I'm not?

FWIW, I have been trying out the HTU21, which seems to be a drop-in substitute for the SHT21 (even the library for Sensiron works perfectly for the HTU21). However, it's conversion rates are 2x faster, with a maximum resolution conversion time of 66ms, all at a 3x lower price point.

where did you source the HTU21 sensor from?.

where did you source the HTU21 sensor from?., as I recall. It's how I found about the sensor in the first place. Cheers.