Question regarding using NI USB-6008 vs. Arduino for Load cell

Hi! I am new to Arduino and I'm doing a project that measures how much tension is exerted on a string when you tug on it or pluck it near the middle when it is pulled taut. My initial thought would be to connect one end of the string to a fixed point and the other end to a tension load cell. In my engineering classes we used Labview and the USB-6008 for a fast and easy integration, but now my budget is limited and can't afford Labview, I'm wondering if it would be easier to buy just a 6008(or something else) and use a Labview substitute software or to just use Arduino from the ground up? Are there other options other than the 6008 and Arduino?

Also, would I just need a Arduino UNO? or do I need to step it up to another Arduino with higher resolution if I need high precision?

Did you solve that??? :open_mouth: :slight_smile: