Question with coding?

Hi, I have this

I'm really lost as how to program it. I have found no tutorial or guide in any way to interface with it. I'm really an Arduino newbie, so it may be something really obvious that I'm overlooking.

Any tutorials or advice? Do I use the methods?

Even other tutorials or advice on any other type of Arduino to Arduino communication would be helpful. I can tweak the code if I have a foundation, but I really don't even know where to begin.

Thanks! :) I appreciate any help!

You didn’t really knock yourself out searching, did you?
Connect the wires and use Serial.print(), Serial.write(), or Serial.println() to send data to it.

Use Serial.available() and to get data from it.

I actually did. I've searched and searched, but I have not found anything plausible. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out and get back to you.

The APC220 is manufactured by DFrobot

Connect the device just to the hardware Serial and you can use

if (Serial.available()) { c = Serial.Read(); }

etc Baudrate should be 9600 according to manual - not 19200 as in the link you gave ..

your turn ;)

And I assume c would represent either an int or a String, correct?

or a String,

Incorrect. "c" would be an "int", the return type of " ()". The only reason it is an "int", is so that the function can return -1 (0xffff, not to be confused with 0x00ff) in the case where "read" is called, but the receive buffer is empty.

So I could just assign different ints to the different inputs I would have? Like if button 1 is pressed, c = 1. If button 2 is pressed, c is 2... etc.? Or is that just really bad design?

I'm asking this because one of the Arduinos will be linked to a controller through BlueTooth... I want the Arduino to actually do things when the controller tells it too... :)

I've also seen that maybe Virtual Wire would be useful.

Also, would there be a slightly similar setup to the Master Reader/Slave Receiver setup?