Questioning if project Sketch might be too large for the nodemcu board

Board: nodemcu 0.9 ESP8266

As a final grade project I'm working on a web based Electrocardiogram monitor, I've been setting up everything, my plans are to take the electrode signals, amplify them using a typical preamplifier, then taking these voltages to the nodemcu board through an ADC, record 3 seconds of data, encode them in JSON, send it through an HTTP request, then repeat the process.

The database will process all the data and the website will display the patient's data in it.

I know the amount of data will depend of my sampling rate, I just want a clear looking graph, my main resources will be the ESP8266wifi library and the ArduinoJson library. Besides the recording there'll be basic patient information like ID, name, age, etc but these won't take too much space.

Well, doesn't sound like there's a problem. Time to start building!