Hello everyone ;
I'm making project to participate in Intel , It's about'Safe KinderGarten'
and the project has many ideas (Please read the questionnaire)
Please Can you share this questionnaire with huge communite to take the information and the data and put it in the peoject

Your first project ( A hand watch for children which will give a notification whenever they have a problem or failed. )

  1. Your project doesn't make sense. What do you mean by problems or when they FAILED?
  2. Can't you make a watch which has a GPS which tracks the children so their teachers or parents can monitor them?

Your second project ( When dangerous things are stored in closets and when children come near them, a buzzer will sound ).

  1. What do you mean by dangerous things? Is someone gonna hide grenades in their house?
  2. How will you detect if they are children or adults?
  3. Can't a simple automatic door lock be enough? What if the parents are sleeping or doing some other important work and they can't be quick enough to stop the children from opening the closet? If it's a door lock ( or in this case a closet lock ), the children can't open it even if the parents aren't home.

One more thing never make it on google forms or on some other platform. Put the questions in the forum so everyone can see it and more people will answer. As this is your first post I would suggest you can learn how to use the forum.

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Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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I normally do these questionnaires.

However it IMHO is pretty bad and no thought has gone into it.
So with that said I decline.

Take what has been said by others and start again from the beginning.

However it IMHO is pretty bad...

I agree...