Questions about arduino nano and led strip 5V SK6812 RGBW

Hello everyone,

I want to make an diy ambilight on htpc and 65 oled tv with an arduino nano.
I need 4,5 meters of led strips 5V SK6812 RGBW.
Before i started the project, i have a few questions:

A single arduino nano can handle 280 leds ? With 60Led/m and 5v led strip (18w per meter) and 4,5 meters long i need at least a power supply with 16 Amps. (It’s huge) and the cable diameter too. (13 AWG)

I have read that i need to put a second power supply 5V DC every meter but i will be shorter. I should power up both side of the led strip ? (Close the loop).

My problem is my computer is at 2 meters (length cable) of my TV.
i’m afraid of the data signal from the arduino to led strips, will be too long which means the signal could be too low and make flickering.

What do you think ? Do i need to put the arduino nano more closer to the Tv and the data signal will be shorter and a longer length +5V DC and usb (to power up the arduino) is the solution ?

Or should i go with a led strip WS2815 in 12v instead, because the intensity consumption will decrease (and more safe for people), the power of the supply decrease too.
But i loosing the White led.

Any advice is accepted :slight_smile:

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


Why not use WS2812B?


Because i want an accurate white color.
The consumption is the same between them.

You can use the same power supply if it's sufficient, and just 2 power wires of sufficient gauge, but you can run the wire the entire length of the string and just tap it in every meter.

Yes thank you but i made a mistake, i need power supply every 5 meters so i will be good. :slight_smile:

See what others have to say about that, just because you can doesn't mean you should. Especially considering your TV is already going to generate heat.

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