Questions about material

Hi there, very new to this. Have been doing a bit of research but still am not really sure where to start.

My project: connect a telegraph key to an arduino that can translate morse and send it as a text message via google voice. I know there are already programs run through arduinos that connect telegraphs to twitter, which is very close to what I am attempting. My knowledge of programming is very limited, but I have a close friend who is a programmer and is willing to help me. I suppose my question lies in if I buy the Starter kit will it have all of the necessary components? Should I come back and ask this question after I've bought it and played around with it? My apologies if this is an incredibly novice approach.

Thanks in advance!

Depends which starter kit. Also, you won’t get a Morse key in any starter kit, but most of them will have most of the other components you’ll need. You’ll also need an Ethernet or WiFi shield to get on-line, unless you go for one of the Arduinos with built in WiFi or Ethernet. See the products page of this site.