Questions about some sensors

Hi guys so i just got a couple of sensors and i want to make them work but no idea on how to!

First one : MMA7660 Accelerometer This module is 4 pinned so ive got no idea how to connect it to my mega 2560 sensor shield or how to make it work. I want the serial output to read something like this " Position X45 Y32 Z56" Has anyone had experience with this sensor before?? ive heard this goes plugged into the com ports??

Second one : Digital vibration sensor (Not piezzo) Ive looked EVERYWHERE and i cant find the code for this thing the serial to read "Vibration: None / Slight / Medium / High"

any help will greatly be appreciated guys =)

The accelerometer is an I2C device. Use Google to find Arduino examples.

Without more information about the “Digital vibration sensor” I can’t guess how you would use it.