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Hello. I have been working with an Arduino clone for a while now and would like to start building my own for a project that I am working on. I would like assemble these devices called ArduinoBoys to either sell as kits or fully-assembled devices. To keep costs down, I’d like to program my own 168s with the bootloader rather than buy them from another source. I would like to know more about programming a bootloader to a 168. I already checked out the Wiki, but it is as clear as mud and does not answer a few specific questions that I have, such as the minimum amount of equipment I need. I am using an iMac running Mac OS 10.5.6 and have access to 4 Really Bare Bones Board Arduino clones (one assembled, 3 unassembled, the fifth I had was built into a prototype ArduinoBoy) and the USB to serial cable used to program them.

Minimal Equipment:

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Here you go:

I have a bootloader application hint at —

I would also recommend the AVRISPMKII.

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I have everything set up now, but can’t seem to get it to work. I went with Ladyada’s ISP kit. I soldered up a few header pins so I could connect the six pin ribbon cable to a breadboard easily. I connected pins 1 through 6 to D12, 5V, D13, D11, Reset, and Ground, respectively, on my RBBB. I removed the 5 volt power to target jumper on the ISP and used my USB to serial cable to provide the RBBB with the juice it needs. I started up Arduino 13, set my board to Diecimila or Duemilanove, and selected Burn Bootloader w/ USBtinyISP. The program said something to the effect that it could not verify that everything was set up right. I took my time with the kit, making sure all the parts were in the right place and in the right direction. I know my solder joints are sound.

Please note for this test I am using a ATMEGA168 that already has an Arduino bootloader on it. As I understand it Arduino 13 should be able to delete whatever is already on the 168 in order to burn the bootloader.

It looks like the pins are correct. If you plugged in the cable correctly it seems like your
setup should work.

I have never used the Arduino tools to burn a bootloader. I just you the makefile that
is on my site. Overwriting an existing bootloader is not a problem.

Calling avrdude from the command line or the Makefile may give you
a more detailed error message.

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