questions on http using arduino yun

hey guys i have a few problems which i am confused at the moment i have a project that revolves around using the raspberry pi as a “HUB” and send sensors data to the pi from an arduino yun .
I basically set up an apache server following this page - Setting up an Apache Web Server on a Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi Documentation

Here’s my question i want these data from my sensor -
to be send to my web server. i am a newbie in these kind of stuff so i am really confused any help will be appreciated thank you !

  • i have both the pi and the yun under the same wifi network
    *sorry for my bad english

tianyutst.ino (3.79 KB)

On the server side (Raspberry Pi) you need to set up a web form: PHP is the most common language for this. Search the internet for "PHP Web Form" for some examples. Test this out using your browser until you know it works before starting on the client side.

For the client side (Yun) this post is a good place to start

Alright thank you i will try !