Questions on OLED Displays

I am looking at making something with an OLED display and looking for cheap components.

So far I have come across the following:

They all seem very expensive and require surface-mounting which I have no experience with, as well as PCB manufacture of said surface mount board.

I was looking for something a little more "bare bones" that was cheaper and hopefully no surface mounting required.

I'm almost thinking it might be cheaper just to buy one of these and hack it:

Does anyone have any suggestions or reference material for integrating an Arduino with an OLED like this?

OLED displays are far from cheap. its still a relatively new technology but prices are dropping all the time.

Hi Francis,

Just to clarify,

They all seem very expensive and require surface-mounting

Yes they are expensive (at least i think so). But you do not have to assemble those. They come ready to go. I have one of those you linked and they are very clear for a display that size.


Thanks for the info. I guess I was hoping I'd somehow missed the "cheap" OLED product. Maybe some assembly is a bad thing in this case.


have you looked at the 2.8" OLED from Liquidware?

It is a little expensive at $175 but it is very easy to work with and is fully Arduino compatible! I love the Touch Screen which gives it the possibility to work "button less" (i.e. I Phone/Pod)

eBay has OLED displays from China for under $10, and matching PCBs for under $15.