Questions regarding outputting text to a laptop screen when a sensor is touched

Hi friends. So here's my situation: I'm using a bare conductive touchboard, and the goal of my project is to be able to touch nodes on a sculpture and have that output pre-loaded text onto my laptop.

So, I wrote what I thought I needed to write in Processing, but I can't (I guess?) put the stuff I wrote in Processing on the touchboard. A friend of mine recommended using Arduino's design environment instead. I've watched a bunch of tutorial videos and poked around, but I'm still having very basic problems understanding how to write something that will output text. Additionally, I'm having some problems actually uploading ANYTHING to my touchboard. I have a sneaking suspicion that THAT may be due to having the wrong micro-USB.

I have 7 pieces of text. I need to be able to assign each one to a node on the touchboard. I have 7 distinct places on my sculpture that I want to paint with conductive paint so that when someone touches that spot, it makes the associated piece of text pop up on a laptop screen.

Can someone please help me with this ;___;

What is a touchboard ?

It's similar to an arduino board, but my dissertation head prefers using these specific boards on her stuff, and I've sort of fallen into line with her preferring these.

The Arduino will be able to output data to the serial port. That data can depend on what is touched.

You will still need some application running on the PC that is listening to the serial port that the Arduino is talking to that does whatever it is that you need the PC to do.

Did you follow the instructions here?

They mention "Charge Only" micro-USB cables vs "Charge and Sync" micro-USB cables. Be sure to use a "Charge and Sync" cable. See: "Step 8: Using the right USB cable"