Questions: running On battery /Turn Off MKRWiFi101/ charging

Maybe is obvious enough to everyone here, but I've not found the answers searching here and googling, so here are the questions:
Is there any way to turn on and off My MKRWiFi1010 while running on battery? (other than removing the Battery or putting an switch between batt and arduino)
maybe this is a silly question but I'm always a newbie (an aged one) and I have no clues on this.
Maybe a switch between or something to allow also charging battery while off... is not that unusual to do that...
and here the second silly question: how could I charge the battery while not running the sketch?
I could imagine some code to look and compare voltage at VREF and put Arduino in hibernation, or something like that, I've read here and there, this is not so simple to do but I think it's possible, but if there is a simpler way?
I've two MKRIOT CARRIER with two MKRWiFi1010, maybe there is something already onboard to
turn off and on
with the carrier I think I could code something to put the Arduino in sleep mode while charging by sensing a touch, but I can't figure how to really power off without removing the battery .
please keep in mind I warned it was a silly question :wink:

anyway I'll begin writing some ideas in code to see where I go, but maybe there is something hardware side :wink:
Many thanks in advance for any help on this

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