quick and easy help pls

hey everyone, i’m about a month into learning this and i’m struggling with a small problem,


thats the super simple code i’ve put together to activate a relay module to turn the water on, then switch the polarity to turn the water off for my garden.

the trouble is that when i use the “water” variable in the delay function, the arduino does NOT activate the pin for the 10 minutes as defined in the variable. But when i put the actual number of MS into the code directly, it’ll wait the full 10 minutes. Since this is a simple project, its easy to type it in and keep rolling, but i want to learn how to do this the right way. am i missing something?

Change “int” to “unsigned long”

Arduino data types.
Always use a data type that can contain all values of the variable.

int (16 bit) - signed number from -32768 to 32767.

int water=600000;