Quick And Easy Way To Add Toggle Channels To An RC System

Hi, I have a very simple method of adding toggle channels to a hobby quality remote control transmitter/receiver. Its not rocket science, buts its a nice way of remotely changing model modes, activating pre programmed sequences or just toggling lights on and off.

Details here - http://rcarduino.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-to-read-rc-receiver-with_25.html

Duane B

thanks for sharing,

It is not competely clear what you do. Is the duration of the signal the trigger?


If you read some of the earlier posts on the blog there is a lot of detail on what the RC Channel signals look like and how to read them with Arduino.

To add extra toggle channels I am taking advantage of the fact that there is a small zone either side of neutral where the Electronic Speed Controller is not supplying enough power to the motor to start the model moving. The sample code I posted looks for signals in this zone. If it finds one, it takes a times stamp using micros(), if the signal then moves outside the zone it clears the time stamp and carries on as if nothing happened. If the signal stays in the zone, the code keeps checking to see if it has been there for longer than 4 seconds, if so the code assumes you meant to hold it there and that this is an instruction to change modes.

This is an example project where I use this technique to switch the car between full speed and a restricted speed ‘child mode’

You could also easily adapt the code to turn brake lights on and off depending on the throttle signal, or activate winches, mix modes, whatever.

If you have an application in mind I can give you an idea whether this will work for you and how,

Duane B.