Quick fdti vs TTL question..

Hi All,

What’s the difference between an ftdi serial to usb break out board and a USB to TTL converter? Are they the same thing? PS doesn’t the UNO have an on board USB converter?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

PS attached is the tutorial I’m trying to accomplish…

How_to_change_BT_module_parameters.pdf (95.9 KB)

Are they the same thing?


PS doesn't the UNO have an on board USB converter?

Yes, but from what I can see not suitable for this.


Thanks for your reply Rob!

Regarding your 2nd comment, do you mean that I cannot use the on board fdti to serial component of the uno to program my bluetooth?

Well you could if you’re willing to hack around a bit, actually now that I think about it it might not be that difficult. I would load a blank sketch into the Uno, maybe

setup () {
   pinMode(0, INPUT);
   pinMode(1, INPUT);

loop () {}

just to be sure that the Rx and Tx pins are set as inputs.

This should get the Uno processor out of the way. Then run some wires as shown in that PDF and I think it would work.