Quick Help with Pupil Tracking

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new and would just like to know of any simple approaches to accurate pupil tracking for a university project. I'm currently looking at this http://onloop.net/hairyplotter/ Any suggestions will help. Thanks again.

did you ever seen a red eye picture ,, ok this is the flash reflecting , this can also be done IRled and track the reflection ,, i did some testing on tracking ir , you can test freetrack IR led tracking tool ,, and reverse the outputs in the tool , you can track a eyeball movement i tested it some years ago ,, on some VR stuff ,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5PaOZXsTOs

if you use example 4 IR rx ,, left right up and down ,,, in the middle a IR LED ,, ,,, it wil reflect the middle IRled and recieve it ,, and calculate the strenghts of the reflected ir dot ,, LOL ::)