Quick LED Question

I am thinking about getting some LEDs and would like to know what would be brighter: a 10mm 140,000mcd with 13 Degree Viewing Angle OR a 5mm 55,000mcd with 25 Degree Viewing Angle

I am probably going to diffuse them with sandpaper. Any answers would be appreciated :)

not anything to do with your question, but pour some liquid CA or superglue in the bottom of a plastic baggy (or something) and suspend the leds and seal

the fog will frost them and you can do it in mass, saving you elbow grease and breathing in dust

I plan on sticking 3 of them into a milk bottle (As seen Here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Milk-Bottle-LED-Lights-Arduino-Controlled/) and diffuse them with sand paper. I was wondering what would be the best in this instance. I should have specified this in my first post (DOH!) So, what would you think would be better for my application?