Quick linux question: where do libraries go?

I've just switched to ubuntu and I can't find where to put my libraries (which were in c:\arduino\libraries in windows), where do packages go once installed?

Edit: /usr/share/arduino/libraries
Now to figure out how to run stuff as root...

I'm using Ubuntu v11.10. If you are talking about v0022 installed from the repository, then that is in

I would recommend downloading IDE v1.0 from the Arduino site and unpacking it into a local folder. Then run the arduino shell script in that directory. That libraries folder will be in the same folder as the arduino shell script, normally

Thanks, I'll give 1 a go.

If you don't like it, you can always run v0022 just like you do now. Then run the v1.0 shell script to convert your stuff to v1.0 format. I found that comforting in a way. I could upgrade without a total commitment to one version or the other.