Quick programmer of external stripboard arduino's

I've built a few projects using stripboard, obviously without usb or serial circuitry. I started programming them by removing the chip and swapping out the chip on my duemilanove, but this is a less than perfect solution. I've bent a pin off one 328 like this, and while cheap they aren't free.

So I've come up with this as a solution. A switch on the rx pin of a dil socket. Closed and the arduino works as normal, but open and the 328 chip in the duemilanove can't receive serial commands.

So to use this as a simple programmer, connect ground to ground, reset to reset, tx to tx and rx to rx from the duemilanove to the target. I'd say connect VCC to VCC but I'm just powering the target from it's own source.

Then opening up the switch and uploading a sketch uploads to the external chip instead. Seems to work fine and I don't have to take any chips out of anywhere to do it.

Heres a pic of it, BTW I don't need the double decker dil socket there, it's just the one that's modified.