Quick question about the INA139/169 current sensor

Hello. I am not completely understanding the datasheet for the INA139/169 current sensor. So if I am to provide a 3.3V power supply to the chip, what is the maximum voltage that the chip can output?

Datasheet: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/ina169.pdf

Just a guess: On page 3 it says typical (V+)-0.9 and maximum (V+)-1.2. Does it implies that I should set my gain such that the output voltage never go above 3.3V-1.2V? Thanks!

I think you're right. Look also on page 6, section "output voltage range".


if you are going to measure the output voltage with an A/d converter, you need to have the input impedance of the a/d to be much higher than the load resistor RL.