Quick Question: MQTT and SSL codabese port from ESP8266 to ESP32

Hey guys,

I'm working on migrating a codebase from the ESP8266 into the ESP32 for it's larger number of pins and more power. I believe I have mostly completed the whole migration except for the MQTT SSL area as I am not sure what is the equivalent code on the ESP32 and I was hoping you could shed some light.

static const char digicert[] PROGMEM = R"EOF(...CERTIFICATE HERE...)EOF"

//... A bunch of code

//Define WifiClientSecure/pubsubclient/set CA Cert list

WiFiClientSecure client;PubSubClient mqttclient(client);

X509List cert(digicert); //This here is the problem, X509List is not available in the ESP32

//... A bunch of code

[code]Serial.println("Setting Trusted Anchors...");


Serial.println("Trusted Anchors set! System will now check for CA.") ;

//NTP is required for CA Cert Validation


You mean this thing do https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=695107.0? See the last few postings.