Quick question VB and Arduino Serial.

Sorry for bugging this forum with stupid question. Attempting to interface computer with arduino.

Here is an image, it pretty much shows everything:

At the moment, I thought that either I should be seeing “a” back or 48 but why this zþ. Thank you.

My guess: MScomm1.input returns back a data type I am not familiar too.

Can someone briefly explain whats gone wrong? Thank you all, one day I may actually contribute I swear! :slight_smile:

Before you try reading it somewhere else, see what you get in the Arduino serial monitor.

When I run that code with the serial monitor set to 9600 baud (and the right port and board type selected) the serial monitor displays "a" (without quotes) on a new line every three seconds. That's what I'd expect from that sketch.

Thank you for the reply, Interesting, I have to say I have never seen this before.

So Not using VB The serial monitor is giving a similar result. I am using a Arduino 328 with a FTDI serial controller.
Here is an image:

i also change the baud rate with no affect.

No luck on getting the message to come out properly :confused: Quite frustrating!


How does that go?

Thank you for the reply, I tried your recommendation. Still the similar problem is occurring. :frowning:
Screenshot - 03ffb5edddc85f292d512df328b34ab5 - Gyazo What do you think ?

You have an Arduino Pro Mini.
Are you selecting the right board (3 or 5V, 8 or 16MHz) when you upload it?
If the wrong clock freq was selected it might still upload (?) but then not work right(?).

Ive tried various boards, all with the same result :confused:

Ive tried various boards, all with the same result :confused:

What Arduino hardware are you using? Are you using the standard boards.txt, or has it been modified? The symptoms suggest that the serial speed is not actually 9600, which could mean that the Arduino's CPU frequency is not what the boards.txt entry says.

Interesting point. I have to say it isnt an official arduino mini. I bought it of the internet. Its an atmega 328 smd chip. Using the most up to date IDE. I am able to program it on ..... OK half way writing this code. I tried a new arduino min 328 And it looks like it is working. I didnt imagine something like this happening!

So I guess, for those reading, you can upload an image to the arduino board with the different board selected. Though the serial write backs will not be at the speed you originally dictate. Thank you to all those who helped! Here is the outcome: Screenshot - 9248e042aa5ac531fc21fd819b31260d - Gyazo

I understand not most of that.