Quick question

Hi, I remember you helped me doing a project about a year ago but i was wondering if I could ask you semething else..

I'm trying to make like a cancelation for a input with millis


if input 1 is on for less than x time, output 1 is off
if input 1 is on for more than x time, output 1 is on but need to stay on even if input 1 goes off after the timer has reach the right time.

if input 2 is on for more than X time, output 1 goes off

The 2 inputs never going to be on at the same time sinse they are connected to a relay.

thank you

OK, what's holding you back. What have you tried? What happened? Post your code.

The following is a simple way to check if a button is pressed continuously for a certain length of time

void loop() {
   buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);
   if (buttonState == HIGH) {   // assumes LOW when pressed and HIGH when not-pressed
       lastTimeButtonWasHigh = millis();

   if (millis() - lastTimeButtonWasHigh >= requiredTime) {
       // input has been LOW throughout the required time
       // do whatever needs to be done

If you need to ensure that the button has NOT been pressed during that time you will obviously need to invert the logic.