Quick questions about Arduino developments

Great stuff, the London workshop gave me a very good introduction and I’ll be posting some of my experiments soon.

I’m really interested in wireless. Any ideas on the timescale of the Bluetooth boards?

I’m also very interested in the sheilds that are being created. Again, any idea about development progress would be appreciated. Would be happy to be a tester.

hey chris

The reality of facts is that we are overwhelmed by the success of arduino at the moment :slight_smile:

We’re all super busy running workshop and working on our regular jobs. We are recruiting new members for the team which will improve the documentation soon.

A lot of the so called “shields” are used in our commercial projects and are working. we simply don’t have the time to document them properly.

The bluetooth board uses a simple bluetooth to serial module sold by elfa. it’s working but we never released it because we were not happy about the lack of flexibility on the bluetooth side.

We have now an arduino ethernet board at prototype stage. we are testing it. You’ll see pictures of it on the website tonight.

I’ll have a chat with david and we’ll update the roadmap

thanks for the feedback


I see “A lot of the so called “shields” are used in our commercial projects and are working”

Is it means that some shields no open source?
Could we use them in our play project(no commercial projects ) ?

and could you tell me which software you uesd to design the board? I don’t know how to open “.brd” ,and how to chang it to Gerber file ?

thank you !


that we use them in commercial project doesn’t mean that you cannot use them :wink: It means that we don’t consider them “usable”, yet. We have them running under extreme conditions, but the boards are not easy to manufacture, or still to expensive. Therefore we haven’t published them, because we don’t want to be giving poor support to 10-15 different designs. We prefer to give excellent support to 5-6 good designs.

Everything we publish is open source, and if we publish a shield on the site, it will also be open source, no doubt about it!!

On the other hand, we use Eagle as software for developing the boards. Eagle has been developed by Cadsoft: www.cadsoft.de, and it is available as freeware for Mac, Linux, and Windows. The .brd format is the board, while the .sch is the schematic for the design.


PS. Another reason for not building some boards is obviously an economical one. For example, according to the quotes we get from different providers, a Bluetooth board would never have a reasonable price under 90Euros unless we manufacture 1000. But for building 1000 we need a start-up capital of 15.000 Euros. guess you can understand that as an open hardware project that is NOT making money on selling hardware we don’t have 15.000 Euros to invest.

Thank you ! you are so kind !!!
I can understand that !

about Bluetooth, I can get a RS232 to Bluetooth module (10m) about 50 Euros
if buy up 10 once is 30Euros

100m : 60Euros
100m : 35Euros(up to 10)

you can see here : http://www.jinoux.com:8080/web/product/index.jsp?id=2

if it is helpful , I can help you to contact.

would the ethernet shield you mentioned make it possible for the arduino to send osc?

Altough we havent really written any code on it yet :slight_smile:

I think it shouldn’t be too difficult to send OSC commands on the network.