Quick voltage question

If I have a 12v motor attached to an L928N, will a 12v power supply to the L928N be enough to power the motor and the arduino?

I read somewhere that you can lose about 2v through thte L928N, so would the 10v be enought for the motor?

What current is the motor drawing?

Do you have a link to the motor?


Firstly you'll lose maybe 2V, maybe 3V or more depends on the current you take.

Secondly DC motors spin at a speed proportional to the voltage - it will run slower.

Power the Arduino from a different supply for a simple life - motor supplies can get spikes and dropouts and generally are 'dirty', logic needs a solid clean power source (though the on-board 5V regulator will hide most of the nastiness of a 12V motor supply)

I was planning on having the 12v going into the l928n and then from there into the arduino and the motor, would this still give a 'dirty' voltage?

I was planning on powering a windscreen wiper motor, and I only need it running slowly to be honest. Do you think a 12v supply could do this?

If you’re only running the motor in one direction you won’t need a motor driver/L928N – you just need a transistor or mosfet.

Best way to find out how much voltage/amperage you need is to just test it.

its a L298N !!!

not L928N.

Sorry to be picky, but people find info by searching for part numbers. The details matter!

carry on.