Quickest way from a sub-forum's thread to Reference

maybe I have too many microcontrollers on my eyes ;-))

What is the quickest way from:

browser is showing a single thread and then I want to change to the reference?
I clicked on all the links and found nothing.
I ended up doing a google-search but there should be a better way to do it.
Of course I can configure my browser to have a bookmark but there should be a quick way that is shown on every screen
best regards Stefan

What do you mean by "reference"?

Sorry for just writing a single word
this part of the website

best regards Stefan

OK, I understand. I also have struggled with this a bit because I like to link to the reference content to supplement my answers and I'm accustomed to having the top level reference pages accessible at a single click.

As the content on arduino.cc has grown and diversified, I think the designers had more and more difficulty fitting it in to the old interface. So now arduino.cc has essentially been broken into multiple websites. These share the same navigation style, but the navigation provides only content relevant to that site.

The sites are accessed via the links at the top left of the website:

Documentation content is all stored under the "Arduino" website, so the navigation path from the forum to the reference is:

  1. Click the "ARDUINO" link (shown as "ARDUINO.CC" on larger windows).
  2. Hover over the "DOCUMENTATION" tab.
  3. From the dropdown menu, click on "REFERENCE".

After that, you might want to get back to the forum. It is accessed under the "COMMUNITY" tab.

Hi pert,

thank you for explaining. I really appreciate it.

  • a click on arduino.cc
  • pointing mouse on documentation pops up Reference
  • clicking on Reference.

I will add a bookmark. Reduces effort to a single click

best regards Stefan

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