Quiescent current of a 12v dc pump

I couldn't find the datasheet of my quioran QR50E pump so I'm asking here:

What is the quiescent current of my pump?

It is a 12v DC, 5W
with a Qmax of 280 liters per hour.

Thanks :slight_smile:

A pump that is turned off should draw no current. Maybe the driver does, but the driver that is used seems to be a secret so who knows.

Probably the most accurate would be to measure the current with your trusty DMM.

OPs pump spec, seek and ye shall find.


  • Color: Black
  • Pump material: PC + ABS
  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V
  • Max. Power: 5W
  • Max. Current: 416mA
  • Max. Flow Quantity: 280L/H
  • Max. Lift: 300cm / 9.84ft
  • Noise: Less than 35dB
  • Outer Dia. of Inlet/Outlet: 8.5mm / 0.33in
  • Inner Dia. of Inlet/Outlet: 6mm / 0.24in
  • Waterproof Class: IP68
  • Max. Liquid Temperature: 60°C
  • Cable Length: 100cm / 39.4in
  • Product Size: 59.5x49x42.5mm / 2.34x1.93x1.67in
  • Product Weight: 71g / 2.5oz
  • Package Size: 6.9x5.5x6cm / 2.72x2.17x2.36in
  • Package Weight: 83g / 2.93oz

5W at 12V = 5/12 = 0.416A

How are you going to control it?

Tom... :slight_smile: