R/C Lawnbot, but using Pololu instead of H-Bridge

I need to use my R/C transmitter to control a small vehicle with tank steering. I am using the code and wire configuration as described in the Lawnbot article in Make Vol.22.

2 of the 6 FM channels from my R/C receiver go to the Arduino.

Here’s my problem; I want to use the Pololu Low Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller (the one featured in the Robotshop Rover configuration ) in place of the Lawnbot H-Bridge.

Should I upload both codes or just one? If so which one?

Would the wiring configuration described in the Lawnbot article work as is? It looks like it is getting the signal, just not enough power…
Thanks a lot…

Did you ever get the pololu motor controller sorted out with the arduino?? i ordered one for my robot and have no idea how to get it working yet.