R.O.V. Project Now Active

I am currently the Proud Owner of TurtTech.com and the arduino uno. I also have a lynix based NetBook and various components to begin creating. so after looking at how much ambition i had and what i had tossed on my plate, i relized i had way to much to start with. so i edited my page to be based around R.O.V. Development.

Anyone who is interested just visit turttech.com
go to forums and click on "Apply to Guild"

I will also need moderators and admin for those who are interested. when applying you can answer "yes" to the question "are you interested in becoming an admin?" after that i will look over all applications at the end of february and select 2 admin and 5 moderators.

Be advised that this is a brand new page and will take time to bring to full strength. As long as everyone stays dedicated to creating R.O.V.s im sure that this project will go flying in no time.

hopefully by January 2015 i will have access to discounts and rebates for supplies through an external shop. in the mean time i am working on a shop that members can go to and recieve great prices on various components we need.

Out of curiosity I went to visit your web site, and must admit I have absolutely no idea what you are about.
On the website you mention;

This website is designed to be a resource to the TurtTech Team

Who is this team and what do they do?
You mention R.O.V. and my understanding it that that stands for Remotely Operated Vehicle, is that what your web site is about I wonder?

On your page called ‘Common DataSheets’ you attempt to display two images, errr, badly, and what would those two images have to do with remotely operated vehicles I wonder.

I’m thinking you need to bring your idea, concept and web site to more that ‘full strength’ as you say in order to generate interest.

Anyhow, it seems you are excited about whatever it is and all great ideas start with one person I guess, especially with a ‘lynix’,or do you mean Linux netbook


Did you really need to tear it apart like that?

No, I didn't need to at all, but in doing so I am hoping it will help you.
I did take the time to check and ponder over what you are trying, and then spent time letting you know in an honest way.
I will assume others who look at your post and web site will think the same, and not let you know.

I'm guessing you are upset at how you read my post, and I am sorry if you are, but not sorry for letting you know.


What level of person is this site aimed at?

Of the two "common datasheets" one is small and hard to read but also strictly "electronics 101" level, which is OK if that's the target audience.

But the 7-seg pinout is totally useless because the actual device is not mentioned, and they are all different.

Apart from that this is information readily available elsewhere, maybe stuff relating to ROVs would be more appropriate.

And what has "Guild Launch" got to do with ROVs? That's the hosting server isn't it? The two posts on the forum appear to be the "welcome" stuff directed at you, the new forum/site owner.

I like this,

ROV Development I hate fine print. or do i? Muah ha ha ha ha .

at first it irritated me because on my hi-res screen I couldn't read it, still you gotta have a laugh occasionally eh? That said I don't know why you would hide the site's tag line (ROV Development) in a tiny font.

One other thing, the typeface for your TurTech name changes when you get to the forum, as does the colour and general look and feel. It's normally good to try to keep some continuity when swapping like this, I admit it's not always possible with forums as there are only so many themes available. But at least the title/logo/colour should be as consistent as possible.

Personally I don't feel that either typeface is appropriate, one is too bland (with bad kerning) and the other too "Game of Thrones", I would search for a good tech-looking typeface.

The turtle logo/analogy is good for underwater ROVs.


It’s that it’s a week old page.most of the stuff is generic. when the page gets more activity I plan on taking project photos and using them as back drops. The turttech team is anyone who decides to help. Also I have internet by tethering my phone so connection is slow and editing the page is taking a little longer than normal. and finally the forum is a completely different web host than the home page. I appreciate the constructive criticism.