R2-B2 Line Following Robot

I recently bought a cheap line following robot kit, one of the ones that’s yellow and looks a bit like R2-D2. I am planning to remove it’s circuit board, to be replaced with an AVR driven one of my own design. To start, I want to be able to replicate it’s functionality, and then add to it.

To that end, I have spent some time researching what I can, and drawing up some plans. However, I come from a programming background, not an electronics background, so I’d greatly appreciate it if the fine users of these forums could look over my schematic, and point out any glaringly obvious errors, before I solder up my perfboard. :slight_smile:

Also, this is a collection of the first schematics I have ever created, so if I’m breaking any design rules, or could improve them for clarity, feedback on that would also be well received.

I have used Fritzing to create the schematic, because even though I do have free Eagle installed, it hurts my brain to try to use.