I am currently making a little simple robot out of an old R2-D2 bubble bath bottle container.. Luckily the bottle inside was removable (with a little convincing), and the shell is perfect for such a project.

so far i have fitted continuous rotation servos into the feet, and a normal servo for the head, and an LED in the eye (it had a clear plastic bit with a space that was the exact size for a LED, it was destiny!). The servos and LED have been wired into an 8 pin socket and a board made up with an 8 pin header for it, resistor for led, power in, power out and 4 lines that will go to the controller (3 servo signal and 1 LED).

I plan on using a Boarduino for this as it is perfect size for it. but i have no idea how to program it :( great start to a project i know :D

The drive servos will be at 90 degrees for stop, and speed controlled depending on the angle settings given to them. one may have to have the opposite data sent to it to match the direction of the other. the head can move left and right, the full rotation of a servo (180 degrees). I would like to add sensors, but I have nothing to use as sensors right now.. unless someone could suggest something that does not involve me having to purchase something, lie a homebrew sensor of some kind. or if i can control it via an IR remote control (by adding a IR sensor in the head)

Input would be good :) and any programming suggestions would be great :D I'd have better luck frankensteining code than coding from scratch :)

pics soon ;)


Sounds like a cool project. Check out the servo libraries in the Arduino playground section. They make using servos a breeze... although I don't know about using it with continuous servos. You may want to look at the source and see how it functions.

You could stick a button on the front to prevent the robot from trying to go straight if it hits a wall.

Once you have the basics worked out (motor control), then you get to write some AI stuff. If you want to make this autonomous, you'll eventually have to put down a little cash for sensors.

I may have some old Cybot (Real Robots magazene project) parts coming soon, there are some sonar and light sensors and also line following sensor, it has boards with it too, so them and the arduino would be a good mix :)


The Cybot parts failed to happen :( somehow they have disappeared :( so chances are no sonar board, there are a few parts on the way tho. some sonars and a couple of boards that i don't know what they are yet, there is a line follower too,

I have a dual core arduino (thnx to John Ryan) that will hopefully be the brain, the board fits perfectly, and it has my only 2 atmegas on it. physically the drive, and brain portions of the bot are complete, its just some kind of sensors need adding and the programming for the 2 "brain halves". 1st test at controlling the 3 servos (left right and head) via serial didn't go according to plan, wall need to look at the code to see why it wasn't working how it should have.

I will post pics soon honest :)