R503 capacitive fingerprint module

Hi everyone ,i have purchased a capacitive fingerprint module from banggood (https://banggood.app.link/cVEja6kRDkb). I have recieved a module with different wire config (one wire is brown instead of green). I am a bit confused on how to wire this module with arduino uno. i have wired it according to the datasheet provided on the site (which has differrent wire config ) but it dosn't seem to work. Does anyone know how to use this with arduino uno?

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I don't think that I can help but please show us a good photo of your sensor (the wire side at the back).

it seems that this module needs to be paired with a K200-3.3/K202/K215-V1.2/K216 controler

something like this

it came like this.

will it not work just with arduino uno?

I don't know... I don't have the specs

given it's meant to be plugged into one of these modules' connector, you could assume that the color does not matter but the order of the cables is the same

I know that the color does not matter but in some modules it does, like in this one(Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor / Scanner Arduino Tutorial | ESP8266 DFRobot - YouTube).
And going through the data sheet provided on the site of the module of R503, it says that it can be paired with MCU's of 3.3v and 5v.

this video is for DFRobot' s sensor

the pins are documented

are you sure it's the same as the one in your link?

No, the one i bought has a datasheet and the pins are documented. But the module that i recieved has different color wiring from the datasheet. Regardless of the color of the wiring i connected the module to the arduino in order but it dosnt seem to work. And i used DFRobot's Library and code.

but if it's not the same module, the library likely won't work...

Ok, i used adafruit library and it worked perfectly. thanks for the help. But i want to make this fingerprint to sign into windows. Any idea how to do it?

can't help with windows much...

I'd say if you are willing to trust your arduino, you could hard code your password there and could send keystrokes (requires the right Arduino) if the cursor is placed in the right pwd field before you put your finger on the sensor... (anyone hacking your arduino likely could see your passwd)

The Uno is the wrong board; get a board that can act as a HID (Leonardo, Micro, SparkFun ProMicro, .... It will save you plenty of grey hairs. Further see reply #12.

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