R503-S Fingerprint sensor

Hi, i have googled and cant find an existing project for this sensor and i have absolute minimal Arduino skills limited to editing 'some' sketches to behave differently but thats about the limit for me and trying to change an existing project for another sensor throws up a million errors if i try changing the library to the one for this sensor.

This is the sensor i have: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002857442098.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.78384c4dN9H3hU

I have found the correct library (attached to this post) and using the example sketches i have been able to get the sensor to learn a print in one code then recognize the stored print in another but i want to send a pin high to 5v if it accepts a finger.

I already have a RFID and Keypad entry to my house and although the nano which controls that could also take on a fingerprint sensor and would be great to intergrate as i have status leds, a LCD and a buzzer n that system but its well beyond my ability to code it into the existing system and not something i would ask of someone else but i have room in the control box for a second nano and it would be very straightforward to just tie an output from a second nano to the same relay that controls my door release if i could only find something!

I could duplicate the output to drive another buzzer and LED (i can at lease manage that lol) for conformation that its triggered, i kind of need that as my door release is silent!

Can anyone who has used this sensor point me to a sketch which will work with this module and put a pin high when a valid print is detected please?

It is also supposed to have a status led ring round the outside, that is not illuminating so i dont know if that is a code thing or it does not really have illumination, if i could get that working then great but its a minor thing and getting it to trigger a pin is my main goal!

Thanks, Steve.

EDIT: I think i might have found a solution, it will be a second nano but it should work, i have to test the code but its flashed ok.

R503_Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library-master.zip (2.3 MB)

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