Ra-02 LoRa module

Hi everybody,

I have been using SX1276 (LoRa module) with 433 MHz for a while. I am trying to use Ra-02 module with the same library as a replacement. As I understand, Ra-02 doesn't have Rx/TX pin. I used to set this pin in SX1276 as 1/0 for TX/RX modes. Now, I don't know how to force the new module to either of TX or RX modes by Arduino.

Anybody can help?

Thanks a lot.

The RA-O2 does not need a RX\TX pin, thats why one is not provided. This is the case for most all modules using the LoRa SX1276 RF IC.

Which LoRa module have you been using that requires RX\TX to be set manually ?

I know that some libraries may do this simply via some functions. However, I am using a library (released by Libelium and improved by C. Pham, a library of sx1272), where I have to activate either of the modes separately. Without RX/TX activation, the antenna doesn’t switch and therefore, the LoRa communication range will be too short.

Since my application has been developing for a long time and works fine with SX1276, changing the library may cause a lot of works.
Do you know how can I activate Tx/RX modes without changing the library?

Meanwhile, my previous shield is SX1276MB1MAS.

Ah one of the very few boards that does not have automatic RX\TX switching.

The RF Device (actually SX1278) on the module (RA-02) knows whether its in RX or TX mode and automatically deals with any RX\TX antenna switching the module might have implemented. That why there is no external pin to switch between RX\TX (not needed) and also why the common libraries and examples for LoRa devices do not use RX\TX switching (not needed).

A library specifically written for the SX1272 will not work with one written for the SX1276/8, these devices are different.

Thank you srnet! This was my concern! since I might have to change my code if I use the new library which means re-opening another new project.

In my case, I was using my mentioned sx1272 library for sx1276 in 433 MHz. Of course, I had already added the frequency-related parts to the original one to make it work.