ra8875 and 7'' lcd

Hello i was wondering if its possible to use an RA8875 from adafruit.com to work with a 7'' tft lcd i saw in digikeys.com . I was also wondering if there is any potential sellers within the U.S that sells these 7'' lcd that would work with the RA8875. The links are provided below of the research i have done. I have done intense research but all these screen are foreign and can only be bought over sea's.

[u]-RA8875 (adafruit)[/u]


[u]-7'' lcd tft[/u]


I'm currently building a project with the arduino uno and i would love to get it going. my major concern is if the pins of the screen (7'' lcd) and the pins of the graphics module (RA8875) will match up and work together correctly.