Race Controller

I want to build a controller for racing. The controller is a portable box that plugs into a loudspeaker and activates a timed buzzer, and allows speak to project across. The unit will need 1) a potentiometer or knob of some sort to control and set the timer 2) small digital screen to view the time 3) a start, stop, reset, button, 4) a manual buzzer button 5) a push to talk button 6) input for the microphone 7) output for the loudspeaker.

The purpose of the controller is to be able to set a time, push start, and as the time runs out the buzzer will sound. You can speak over the loudspeaker and manually activate the buzzer at any time.

I am just looking into this whole programing thing and was wandering if the arduino stuff would support what I am trying to accomplish. Please let me know if this is possible or other options I can pursue.

Most of the electronics wold be possible. The part where you would run into problems is the whole PA system thing. might be better off running that independantly

could you still get it to run a simple buzzer tone

Definitely. Use the tone() function on any PWM enabled pin. There is ample documentation on the use of this function.

This is a good place to start http://arduino.cc/en/reference/tone