Rack Environmental Monitor - Open Source Project

Hi all,
I am working on building hardware able to gather environmental measures (temp/humidity/water leak/whatever) and possibly execute some action (turn on lights/fans/etc). It should be able to be queried/programmed by external programs.

I would love to make this an open source project, and I am asking if anyone has suggestions or interest to get involved.

Full disclosure : my company operates in systems monitoring. We develop software to monitor... well, pretty much anything.
We had a fleeting thought to start developing our own hardware to use in our solutions, instead of off-the-shelf stuff. We quickly realize that we should stick to our core business, hardware development being a completely different game from what we do best.

It has been, however, very enticing to see what we could do with the Arduino and would like to investigate its capabilities further but in an open project. (On a personal note, it would be an opportunity to give back to a community that has given me so much over the years).

I have already done some work and would be ready to share code and configuration. Any suggestions on what would be the best forum ?
What you think of sourceforge ? Or can it be done in this forum ? I do not feel Arduino Playground is appropriate but I may be wrong.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.