Radar based gesture sensing

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone could help to identify a compatible sensor & library for a project I'm working on. My goal is to be able to control a display using simple gestures however the sensor would need to be housed behind the display and subsequently cant rely on light like most gesture sensors do. I was made aware of the
RCWL-0516 module which is able to detect motion even through objects but I have been unable to find any libraries that would allow for gesture control. Is there anyone that could help point me in the right direction or is this something that isnt possible with current technology?

Thanks in advance

The RCWL-0516 is just going to give out a signal when it detects movement and another signal when it detects no movement. No library needed to detect a pin state change.

Discerning finger gestures with radar would take a multi-phased radar array, for starters, and that is going to be a problem of design. Mainly safety of the human who's hand that the radar phased array will be pointed at will cook, would be my primary concern.

If you drop the idea of mounting the sensor "behind the display" you will have several options. For suggestions, please provide more project details.

A microwave motion sensor will not be one of them.