Radar Motion Detector Sensor Microwave Doppler HB 100 Issue

HFS-DC06 radar sensor

Following as per this tuts: https://theorycircuit.com/hb100-microwave-motion-sensor-interfacing-arduino/

Also, tried with below:

We are not getting any data.
Vcc = 5V (By using 5V 1A Adapter)
Gnd = Gnd ( common with Adapter and HFS-DC006)
Out = Pin 5

I am also following this link but didn't get the


Please post your properly formatted code in code tags for a better response.

Not many people are willing to follow unknown links to some neither site and get infected with bugs, worms, trojans and other zoomies.

Are you testing with MOVING objects, like a human body walking by the device?


Yes, Moving objects like a ball, car, Human also

Then how about your code, a schematic, and a pic of your setup. A MW detector is not all that sophisticated to implement. So it’s either hooked up wrong or the code is not up to the task.

https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=631770.0 << perhaps that thread may help.