Radio communication range

All good time of day! Please tell me - the bluetooth module on arduino nano 33 BLE has a standard receive/transmit radius of 33 feet, or can I expect more?
I could not find this information anywhere, but I found a general description of the bluetooth modules, and decided to clarify.
Thank you very much for your help!
P.S. And another thing - maybe I can solder some antenna to some pin arduino to increase the broadcast radius?

If you are concerned about long range, then Bluetooth is the wrong choice. It was designed for short range.

What is your project/application? Perhaps we can suggest a more suitable wireless protocol.

Thank you for the answer!
Yes, I understand that bluetooth is not exactly what I need, but since it is on nano 33 BLE, then why not clarify:)
See - I have assembled a wearable inertial navigation system and want to receive data on its location through the air; radius - from one hundred meters. And here we need some kind of compromise - on the one hand, the longer the distance, the better, and on the other hand, we would like to get minimal energy consumption.
Now I decided to consider something like a radio module SI4432; can you please tell me if there is something more appropriate (to lower the price without a significant deterioration in performance)?

For long range with low power, consider LoRa modules. You will need an external antenna.

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Your requirements can only be met with the proper antennas on both ends. Think rotatable Yagi antennas designed specifically for the 2.4gHz Bluetooth frequencies.

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